Why You Should Weigh Your Guinea Pig!

Did you know that you should weigh your guinea pigs on a weekly basis?

Do you know you should but you have no idea why?

Well, welcome! I am glad you’re here!

Let’s jump in…

Guinea pigs are prey animals, this means in the wild they have other animals that are trying to harm them all the time.

Aside from being prey animals, they are also heard animals.

So what do those two facts have to do with weighing your piggy on a regular basis?

Guinea pigs have become amazing at hiding their illnesses from those around them for two very important reasons:

1. Should a predator see that a guinea pig is sick or injured, they then become vulnerable to attack before any of their heard-mates.

2. If the other guinea pigs in their heard should see that a particular pig is sick, they are highly likely to abandon the sick pig in order to prevent a predator from targeting their heard.

For these very reasons, your guinea pig will hide their illness from you as well. They will still act “normally” and weight loss may be the only indication that there is something serious going on with your piggy.


So now that you know why you should be weighing your guinea pig on a weekly basis, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of actually weighing them!

Q: How often should I weigh my guinea pig?

A: Weekly. Same day and same time preferably, that way the weight recorded is most reliable.

Q: How should I weigh my guinea pig?

A: Using a small kitchen scale is the best (and cheapest) option. Because guinea pigs are so small, a normal bathroom scale will not pick up on their weight accurate enough. Using some sort of container to contain your piggy during weighing will make it easier for both of you and will make the weight you record more reliable. *Don’t forget to zero out the scale after you place the container on the scale but before you place your guinea pig in the container.

Q: How much should my guinea pig weigh?

A: Adult male guinea pigs should weigh between 32-42 ounces.

Adult Female guinea pigs should weigh between 25-32 ounces.

Q: How much weight loss is too much?

A: As a rule of thumb, follow the following guidelines:

1 oz decrease is OK

2 oz decrease = go on alert and weigh DAILY

3 oz decrease = extreme alert, weigh every two hours and CONTACT YOUR VET

4 oz decrease = get to a vet ASAP

As promised, I have attached a FREE Guinea Pig Weight Tracker to help you track your guinea pig’s weight. It is also great to take to your vet during checkups so they too can monitor your guinea pig’s progress.

If you have any questions please comment down bellow or connect with me on any of the social media platforms.

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Ashlee + Piggies


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