4 Secrets to Make Your Guinea Pig Love you!

I get the question all the time, how do I get my guinea pig to like me? First of all, creating a strong bond with your guinea pig is very important, not only for your piggy but for you as well! Trust me, it can take a lot of time and effort depending on your guinea pig’s personality and whether or not they have been neglected in the past. By creating this bond with your guinea pig, you get to know them better and can catch health problems much faster. (It is vitally important to keep track of all aspects of your guinea pig’s health, which is why I have created THIS Guinea Pig Health Binder just for you!)

So, you may be a new guinea pig parent and wondering how to start forming a bond, or you may have had your guinea pig for a while and just can’t seem to form that bond with them that you want. If you follow the tips that I outline bellow consistently, then I promise that eventually you will be able to develop a bond with your piggy.

Before I begin, it must be noted that not all guinea pigs bond as quickly to humans as others. It is important that you stay consistent and not give up on forming a successful bond with your guinea pig.

So, here we go!

1. Pick up your guinea pig multiple times a day.

A guinea pig that I adopted a couple years ago, Alvin, was so badly neglected that it is very hard for him to form bonds not only with guinea pigs but with humans as well. One thing that helped him get used to being around humans was me picking him up multiple times a day, it became part of his daily routine. In the beginning, maybe you only pick up your piggy for 30 seconds and then maybe you work your way up to 5 minutes of lap time with veggies. Sometimes it takes baby steps, and that’s okay! Once your guinea pig begins to expect to be picked up, it will become more of a routine for them and they will enjoy it a lot more!

2. Help your guinea pig associate good things with getting picked up.

It is a universal fact the way to a guinea pig’s heart is through their stomach! Cut up your guinea pig’s favorite vegetables into small pieces, and every time you pick them up give them a small piece. When they begin to associate getting picked up with food, they will start begging to be picked up!

3. Talk to your guinea pig.

Guinea pigs are prey animals and thus are naturally skittish creatures. By talking to them every time you enter the room they will begin to recognize your voice which will in turn help calm them as you hold them. Speaking softly to your piggy while you hold them (and giving them their favorite veggies, you can’t forget that!) will reassure them that they are not in any danger with you.

Tip: If you rescue a guinea pig that has been severely neglected, chances are that they will be frightened by the sound of voices. Unfortunately, that was the case when I adopted my first guinea pigs Alvin and Theodore. To help them get used to the sound of human voices, I would leave the television on low whenever I left the house – a radio will even work. By doing this, they not only get used to hearing many different voices, but they begin to realize that just because they hear a human voice, that no longer means that they are going to be in danger.

4. Never go a day without interacting with your guinea pig.

Yes, guinea pigs are social creatures and normally enjoy the company of other guinea pigs, but that does not mean that you cannot interact with them even for a day. Making your interaction with them part of their daily routine will help you guys form a strong bond, one that your piggy looks forward to on a daily basis. If you happen to go on vacation and will be away from them for a while, make sure that you have an experienced guinea pig owner pet sit for you. Explain to them your guinea pig’s schedule and they will make sure that your piggy still gets a ton of human interaction while you are away. NEVER trust your guinea pig with just anyone!

So, there you have it, my top four secrets for making your guinea pig love you!  Before you leave, don’t forget to subscribe HERE to receive updates and special offers from me! (Don’t worry, I hate spam just as much as you do, your email is safe with me!)

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As always, don’t hesitate to email me with any questions you have or any suggestions on topics that you would like for me to write about! You can reach me at hi@littlecavylove.com or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! Don’t be shy guys!


Ashlee + Piggies


6 Replies to “4 Secrets to Make Your Guinea Pig Love you!”

  1. Hello! I’m looking at getting a guinea pig and I was wondering if you have any advice about what it’s realistically like owning and caring for a guinea pig. I’ve done a lot of research (a lot of times I ended up on your blog, I really like it.) but I was just wondering what the harsh realities are about owning a guinea pig, and if you have any advice for a guinea pig newbie. Thanks so much! And I love your blog!!


    1. First of all, I applaud you for doing your research! I can already tell you will be a great piggy parent! Second, thank you so much for the kind words! I’m so glad you like the blog! 🙂 So, I recommend adopting from a guinea pig rescue because you are able to visit with the already bonded guinea pig pairs and find one that fits your personality well! Another tip before I get into some of the realities is use fleece bedding, it is cheaper in the long run and is safer and healthier for your piggies. And as you probably know from my blog, NEVER get a store bought cage as they are way too small. okay, so here are some “cons” if you will about owning guinea pigs: 1. If you stay at a friends house or go on vacation you need to make sure someone is there to feed them and if gone for extended time they must be okay with cage cleaning. 2. Male guinea pigs that are bonded sometimes decide they don’t want to be friends after awhile, so if you are limited on space I recommend 2 females or a female and a neutered male. 3. Males anal sacs need to be cleaned periodically as they get older 4. sometimes you just don’t feel like cleaning the cage every day but you have to. However, you learn time saving tricks along the way. (I can do 4 cages in 20 min!) 5. If you don’t give them enough floor time they will bite the bars of the cage in the wee hours of the morning haha but their adorable faces and snuggles make up for it. So am hour a day to explore safely is a important! (away from all electrical wires) I’m sure your know all the pros to owning piggies (remember they are heard animals and should be in pairs) but if you want me to expand I will! Thank you so much for your question! I will definitely write an entire post on this question ASAP! Please don’t hesitate to ask any more questions!

      Ashlee + Piggies

      Oh, sometimes they also like to do zoomies (run around the cage) at night, but my husband is a light sleeper and now sleeps through them, you get used to it! 🙂 And when you hold them they will poop…a lot somtimes…so always keep a blanket or towel under them! 🙂


    2. Elizabeth, I just thought of something else also. you must find an exotic vet and weigh your guinea pigs weekly. Guinea pigs are very good at hiding illness so you want a good vet on had in case of an emergency! The sad truth is that if a guinea pig catch an upper respiratory infection, I have seen them pass within 48 hours even with vet intervention. That is one thing to keep in mind. They also are beginning to leave for 8ish years, so make sure you are good with a long term commitment.


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