Keeping Your Guinea Pig Safe in Winter

Well…it’s that time of the year again guys…the wintery chills are upon us!

Now you might be thinking that your guinea pigs will be happier now and that the cold doesn’t affect them…because after all they don’t sweat so you only have to worry about the summer…right?

Not quite…

Guinea pigs can get sick in extreme cold, just has they can heat stroke in extreme heat. A rule of thumb, if you are comfortable, then they are most likely comfortable too. The upper 60s to low 70s Fahrenheit is the best range to keep them in.

So…what can you do to keep your piggies nice and warm and safe this winter?

1. If your piggies are outdoors, bring them in. Unless you have a building that is extremely insulated and/or you have a heater to keep them warm. Not sure if it’s too cold? Walk out in the building in normal clothes (no winter clothes) and see if you are comfortable. If you are, chances are your piggies are too!

The safe temperature range for guinea pigs is 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit.

*If you have a heater in an outside building, make sure that the guinea pigs are not able to chew the wire or get close to it. Spending the extra money on a high quality heater will help prevent the possibilities of overheating and/or catching fire.

2. If your guinea pigs are housed outside, make sure to change the water often to avoid it from freezing. Or, purchase an insulated water bottle cover to help it keep from freezing.

3. Again, if housed outside, make sure that the bedding stays dries and you change it more often than normal as wet bedding can freeze and make your guinea pig sick.

4. If your guinea pig is kept inside, keeping them away from any outside wall that can become cold will help prevent them from getting chilly.

5. Unless recommended by your veterinarian, avoid bathing your guinea pig. During the winter months your guinea pig is more likely to catch a cold and have drier skin than normal, so avoiding baths will help keep them warm and healthy.

Well, there you have it! If you have any questions or other tips for keeping your guinea pigs safe in the winter, post them down bellow!

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Here’s to a safe and warm winter!


Ashlee + Piggies


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