About the Piggies

There are four male guinea pigs that are apart of the Little Cavy Love heard: Alvin Theodore, Popeye, and Grizzly.

Alvin and Theodore I rescued together in October of 2014 when Alvin was a year old and Theodore was six months.

Their previous owner had them in a very tiny store bought cage (my biggest pet peeve) with only a hay rack, water, and one piggloo. They were scared out of their mind, the girl admitting that she hardly spent time with them. (To this day, April 2016, Alvin is still quite skittish and really only allows me to handle him.)

So what are they like?

Alvin can be described in one word: DIVA. He has so much attitude and will not pair with any other piggy at all! (Him and Theodore unfortunately began fighting about six months after I rescued them.) He is, however, gridmates with Grizzly. I can tell he gets sad when Grizzly is away in that he will stare into Grizzly’s cage, just waiting for him to return. I have tried bonding them, but Alvin is just way too full of personality! They are very content as gridmates though.

Theodore in one word would be GENIUS! He is a lot like a dog in many aspects. He knows his name, he will chase his toy when I throw it, he will come when I call him … it is so cute to watch! He does have a lazy streak in him though! One day I moved his bed on the other side of the cage from his food and water, and what did the little booger do? He drug his bed across the cage so he could lay in it and still reach the hay rack and the water bottle! What a goober!


The next baby boy I got was Grizzly. At the time I was working at a petstore (worst decision ever!) and when I laid eyes on Grizzly I knew he was either a runt or taken from his momma too soon, and on top of that he had an upper respiratory infection that my manager didn’t want to try and treat.

I took him home the second I was allowed to, despite getting married in a week, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions! He is such a calm piggy (with a wild streak, of course) and is actually a Nationally Certified Therapy Animal with a program called Pet Partners. (To learn more about his “job”, click here.)


Popeye was the last to come into our family, but he was definitely meant to be with us. To learn about why he had to have his eye removed and more about his story, click here.

He is nothing but a little teddy bear, he can never get close enough to me when we are cuddling on the couch. He loves giving kisses, and despite being let down by humans in the past, is the most trusting piggy I have ever met!

So, those are my piggies! I love each and every one of them so much and I don’t know what I would do without them! They each add so much to my life their own way!

I’d love to hear about your piggies! Visit the community page here to post about your guinea pig(s), and if selected you could have an entire blog post dedicated to you and your piggy!


Ashlee + Piggies