Love Notes

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6 Replies to “Love Notes”

  1. Hi!
    Thank you for that wonderful information! I love piggies; they’re the best. I’m still working up the courage to ask my landlord if I can have two.
    Thanks again!


  2. Just got my first 2 Lil piggs..skinny pigs ….they are hairless .lol. So any “need to know” info. or tips to help me give them a better life would be much appreciated. Thanks


    1. Oh, congrats of your first piggies! That is so incredibly exciting! My top three tips would probably be 1. make sure that you have a large cage for them (no store bought cages. C&C cages are the best, visit that’s where I get all my piggy cages! ) 2. provide them with high quality pellets and hay (I recommend small pet select, it is cheaper than store bought items and WAY healthier for your piggies! Plus, it is shipped right to your door!) 3. Lap time with veggies is the way to your piggy’s heart! ❤


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